i hate this place!

i hate this place!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Two Paws Up I'm OUT!!!

Hey my loyal followers. It's Teddy. I am just dropping a quick line to let you know this will be my last blog post. I don't Hate My Owners anymore...well I still hate those owners, but good news! I got new owners. OMGEEE I love them!! They are totally awesome! Thank you all for following me. Maybe I will make a new blog called I Love My Owners next.

~Teddy (I dropped that stupid P.)

Here I am basking in the sun at my new owner's house. I love it here! Tell my old owners, "grrrr!"


  1. Enjoy your new home, Teddy. Knowing your ex-mom, I'm sure she did right by you and you're new owners are great. Sorry that I just found your blog today ... you have one great sense of humor. Two paws up!

    1. Thanks Mrs. Christie! My ex-owners were a real drag, but my ex-mom was nice. I liked her. I really like my new home though. My groomer found it for me, so I still get to have my hair cut by the same person. I really like it here.