i hate this place!

i hate this place!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas...Bah Humbug

Trying to catch a Christmas nap
I know I am a day or two late, but first let me say Merry Christmas to everyone. Due to the holidays and my owners not leaving the laptop where I could get to it, I had to wait until now to share my Christmas experiences. 
My owner made me pose for this photo...I really wasn't happy about it.

So Christmas was o-kay...I mean I managed to get a few extra treats out of them and a lousy bone. I heard my owner kept saying I received the gift of a new bionic leg for Christmas because of my little school bus run in over the summer. Okay owners it's time to let that one go! I mean yeah my leg cost you thousands of dollars, but I look at it this way...YOU GOT THIS MAGNIFICENT SPECIMEN OF A DOG FOR FREE...F-R-E-E. So it all balances out in my book. 
Here's me checking out the stuffed bone they gave me...really is that the best they can do???

What I am really upset about is not being able to get under the table during Christmas dinner. I mean come on! Can a dog get a few turkey scraps and stuffing??? That burned me up. I am tired of eating stray Cheerios and Pirate's Booty, I want some real food scraps. Oh wait, here comes someone. Two paws up! 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

This Place Sucks!

Look at the stupid hair cut they once gave me. Idiots let the kids choose the style. 
My name is Teddy (I don't use the stupid P) and I live with the DuBose family. I have been in this god awful place a little more than a year. I mean yeah they feed, walk and keep me groomed, but hey, any stupid human can do that! These people are no fun. They never let me do what I want and I am sick and tired of everyone trying to make me seem like the bad guy around here so I am taking matters into my own hands and writing a blog. If you read my stupid owner's blog, you may know that they rescued me (their words not mine) from the SPCA shelter last September. They claim they tried to make me feel at home and I just have "issues" that they can't seem to overcome. Well hey, did they ever for once think that my "issues" are what makes me me? I like pacing the floor incessantly for no apparent reason. I don't like school buses and no one is going to make me like them! I cannot stand the fact they won't let me just do what I want to do. They have kids-they should save all the stupid rules for them. I just want to be left to do what I want. Is that too much to ask? Well keep following my blog. I have to run. They are coming. Two paws up.