i hate this place!

i hate this place!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas...Bah Humbug

Trying to catch a Christmas nap
I know I am a day or two late, but first let me say Merry Christmas to everyone. Due to the holidays and my owners not leaving the laptop where I could get to it, I had to wait until now to share my Christmas experiences. 
My owner made me pose for this photo...I really wasn't happy about it.

So Christmas was o-kay...I mean I managed to get a few extra treats out of them and a lousy bone. I heard my owner kept saying I received the gift of a new bionic leg for Christmas because of my little school bus run in over the summer. Okay owners it's time to let that one go! I mean yeah my leg cost you thousands of dollars, but I look at it this way...YOU GOT THIS MAGNIFICENT SPECIMEN OF A DOG FOR FREE...F-R-E-E. So it all balances out in my book. 
Here's me checking out the stuffed bone they gave me...really is that the best they can do???

What I am really upset about is not being able to get under the table during Christmas dinner. I mean come on! Can a dog get a few turkey scraps and stuffing??? That burned me up. I am tired of eating stray Cheerios and Pirate's Booty, I want some real food scraps. Oh wait, here comes someone. Two paws up! 

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